Oven Data Tracker CurveX

CurveX 2 – Complete KIT

With the CurveX Series of oven data trackers, TQC offers a complete line of oven profilers for powder coaters, can coaters and other general industrial oven profiling applications.

TQC is a renowned Dutch developer & manufacturer of paint test equipment.

The first generation of CurveX oven data trackers was introduced in 1998 and has been successful from its first introduction at the Powder Coating Europe Exhibition in Amsterdam.

The fact the product was realistically priced at a fraction of its competitors caught the attention of the global powder coating industry.

Oven temperature logger.

Second generation Curvex oven datalogger CX1002.

Besides a better price CurveX trackers have always been very ergonomic and operator friendly as required for a system that is used in a daily production process.

Throughout the years competitors lowered their prices but extensive investments were made to make CurveX the technology leader in oven profiling for powder coaters.

The original Easysoft evaluation software was replaced by the powerful Ideal Finish Analysis software. The first generation oven data trackers has been replaced by the CurveX 2. The world’s first oven profiler with an interactive display that showed all data right on the screen. In a later stage the CurveX was superseded by the CurveX 2 USB tracker with increased accuracy, illuminated display and USB connection.

Today over 6000 CurveX systems are in use at powder coating plants in more than 40 different countries.

CurveX 3 Basic

CurveX 3 Basic

In 2015 we have introduced the new CurveX 3 data loggers: CurveX 3 Basic and the CurveX 3 Nano, completing the line up with an economic model and a version specially designed for the can coating industry.


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